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About Me

Hiking around Mt. Blanc, outside of Courmayer, Italy

Today I am an entrepreneur, registered massage therapy student, ultrarunner and outdoor enthusiast. However, that was not always the case.  The path that I have taken to where I am today has changed many times, and is certainly one I would never have predicted.

I grew up on a farm in Prince George B.C, working and spending many of my formative years working in the woods developing a deep appreciation of the outdoors through hiking, running and exploration. Following high school, I attended the University of Calgary and received a BComm, which was put to practice by founding and managing a residential painting company. It was during these years in Calgary that I began to look to running to get "back in shape", and to relieve the stress associated with starting and managing a business.  The thought that my 30 minute road runs would transform into 100 plus km races and countless hours on my feet moving through the mountains was never on my mind, and I would have probably told you that you were crazy to say such a thing.

Slowly but surely things began to transpire, first with numerous 1/2 marathons in Calgary, and finally with my first marathon and ultra marathon in 2011 at the Canadian Death Race.  My intention for the Death Race was to go as a team of 5, splitting up the 125 km distance into manageable sections. I guess I am now lucky that only one other person chose to sign up for the ride, and we split the legs, with me covering the first 68km and he the final 57.  After that I was hooked, there was no turning back.

With the inspiration and example set by my local and now professional trail running friend, Ian MacNairn, I began to sink my teeth into the sport.  I competed in an ultra again in 2012, and then completed both a 50k and 50 mile in 2013, winning the 50 miler outright in a course record.

2014 has brought me to North Vancouver BC, where I am finding a home in the strong community of local runners, races and trail network. With the help of my coach, Joe Grant, I tackled numerous challenges including several 50k's, a 50 miler, a 120km race and a 150 km adventure run round Mt. Rainer.  2015 will bring forth new challenges including a 100 mile race, and a continued focus on competition.